Police Defense


Experienced Police Defense Attorney For Idaho Police Officers

It is not uncommon for law enforcement officers to find themselves involved with criminal, internal affairs, and/or civil investigations and suits. Attorney Joe Filicetti has been State Legal Counsel to the Idaho Fraternal Order of Police since 1999, and is proud to provide experienced, aggressive, and specialized representation worthy of the men and women who deserve it most.

Police Critical Incidents & Internal Affairs

If you are a police officer who is involved in a critical incident, our attorneys will respond immediately to the scene to ensure your rights are protected. Facts and circumstances can easily become skewed in the early stages of a critical incident due to conflicting accounts from witnesses.


Examples of critical incidents that may affect your professional career as a police officer include fleet crashes, shootings, weapon discharge, death of a suspect in custody, and questioned use of force. Don’t let your life become altered. Contact the expert counsel of Filicetti Law Office P.A. today.

Police Defense Attorney

When a police officer is arrested, booked, and placed in jail, they are left vulnerable in a system that may fail to protect them from physical threats and bodily harm. Jailed officers are often placed in isolation to protect them, but this “protection” may result in conditions that are physically and emotionally taxing. At Filicetti Law Office, P.A. we have decades of experience handling cases involving criminal allegations against law enforcement officers. We make it our number one priority to avoid a jail sentence.


We understand how complicated your job is, and we defend a wide range of police criminal allegations, such as:

  • Police use of force
  • False arrest
  • Murder
  • DUI
  • Drug crimes
  • Timesheet fraud
  • Public corruption