Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer Protecting The Rights Of Idaho Clients

At Filicetti Law Office P.A., we are very sensitive to the effects that accusations of criminal charges have on you, from concerns about your reputation to the frightening threat of jail time. We understand that each case is different and we approach them by pulling from a unique set of skills and strategies. We are former prosecutors and know our way around criminal investigations and courtrooms. Let us level your playing field.


Officers can arrest you on probable cause. The state of Idaho places the burden of proving all elements of your charges beyond a reasonable doubt on the prosecution. We will examine all of the facts and the procedures followed during your investigation to aggressively protect your rights.


We handle a variety of select misdemeanor criminal defense cases including accusations of DUI, DWP, driving offenses, assault, battery, controlled substance crimes, and theft. You need experienced legal counsel the moment you become aware that you are under investigation for a crime. Don’t hesitate, as time is of the essence when dealing with criminal investigations.


We have prosecuted and defended thousands of DUI cases and Joe Filicetti was involved in many of the changes to the DUI laws during the time he was a lobbyist. We will review the investigation and determine what your best defenses are to the charges based on your particular circumstances. We also will defend you in the Administrative License Suspension administrative hearings. These hearings are time sensitive (you only have 7 days to file), so call us as soon as you can.


We defend felony cases on a case-by-case basis. We represent both private citizens as well as members of the law enforcement community. Our practice is almost evenly split between civilian cases and defending police officers in line-of-duty incidents, including defense of felony charges for law enforcement personnel. Call us for a case review and we will let you know if your specific case is one we can accept.