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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime doesn’t have to change the course of your life. It helps to have an experienced Idaho defense attorney who not only knows the law, but who has also worked extensively with prosecutors and law enforcement. We handle speeding tickets, DUI’s, DWP’s, and other criminal charges. Note: We screen our felony cases on a case-by-case basis, as much of our law practice is defending police officers in line-of-duty incidents, including defense of felony charges for law enforcement personnel.

Personal Injury 

In personal injury cases, we make it simple: We get paid when you do. We take 30% of settlements that occur prior to litigation, which is below most law firms, meaning you keep more of your money. Success requires a seasoned personal injury attorney who always has your best interest in mind. Personal injury law is quite complex. We have obtained hundreds of settlements for clients through negotiation, mediation, and litigation. We match our legal strengths against those attorneys who represent insurance companies and large corporations, allowing us to fight for you.

Police Defense

Police officers are often the focus of criminal, administrative and civil investigations and litigation. We are more experienced than any firm in Idaho in law enforcement defense. We have spent years training and representing members of law enforcement in all phases of investigations. We teach and attend nationally rated police defense schools to ensure the highest quality for our clients. We understand that law enforcement is complex and often difficult work. We also understand that officers make mistakes and, like the rest of us, deserve experienced legal representation when defending their rights. Finally, we know that law enforcement officers are subjected to the most trauma in their workday and we assist officers in maintaining healthy lives.

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