Vanessa Nisson-Nickle


  • Empire College School of Law / University of California Barbri – CAL Berkeley — J.D.
  • Chapman University / University of Paris-Sorbonne University, Paris IV / University of Cannes — B.A. in Social Sciences
    • ADR Training, Mediation Certification
    • Lexus Nexus Legal Research and Writing
    • Analysis of Facts and Legal Arguments and Applicable Defenses


  • In 2019, Vanessa was promoted to Director of Civil Litigation, at Filicetti Law Office P.A. Vanessa oversees a team of paralegals, attorneys, and administrative team members responsible for providing information on strategic civil litigation cases and negotiations. Vanessa also ensures the team is working effectively with clients to be trusted legal advisors on all aspects of each litigated and pre- litigation matter, providing timely, and high-quality legal analysis and strategy.
  • Previously, Vanessa served as Civil Litigation Executive, at Filicetti Law Office. There, she prepared evidence in civil cases to initiate and assist in the prosecution of claims and legal action as well as conducted factual investigations and lead document collection efforts related to pre- litigation matters. Vanessa also prepared and continues to work developing strategy along with drafting complaints, answers, interrogatories, demand letters, and discovery documents.
  • Prior Experience: Litigation Law Clerk, at Gravett & Frater LLP, Napa, CA (2009 – 2010) Here, Vanessa was responsible for client intake interviews, legal research, preparing documents, communicating with clients, and was lead clerk in real estate transactions, landlord tenant matters, business formations, business contracts, writing legal briefs and assisting attorneys at trial.
  • Law Clerk, Gravett & Frater LLP, Napa, CA (2007 – 2009) Here, Vanessa served as leading Law Clerk for Elizabeth Frater, now Supervising Deputy Attorney General in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Vanessa assisted in DUI defense, police defense, legal research, and preparing documents for trial. Here, Vanessa developed a foundation to skills to empower and assist clients through the legal process.

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